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Aug 01, 2022
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At present, the articles on the lottery on the market have covered all aspects. For example, from the perspective of psychology, why users are so fond of lottery draws; for example, from the perspective of operation, how to set the prizes and the probability of winning the lottery; even from the perspective of practical operation, teach you how to use Axure to draw a dynamic lottery big turntable, etc. . But we often have this feeling that, I understand the truth, but I don't. The main reason is that these theoretical knowledge cannot be directly transformed into a complete lottery process, and this process is used as an interaction design. Teacher, the most important output. When I first entered the industry, I worked in a mutual gold company as a visual UI designer. At that time, I would also design some lottery activities. However, because the b2b data entire lottery process was not planned in the early stage, many missing pages were passed through. The front-end found that, sometimes even online user feedback, seriously affected the development progress of the activity and the user experience. So after completing several lottery activities recently, I would like to talk to you about how to design a lottery interaction process from 0-1. 02 What information does the lottery page generally include? When we talk about the lottery page, the first thing that comes to mind is the big turntable. The turntable is just a form of lottery, and the lottery module is only one of the information on the lottery page. We usually call this information user touchpoints. Each contact corresponds to a process or a page. Although the form of the lottery is very different and the contacts may be different, there will still be some
How to design a lottery interaction process from 0-1 content media
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Village live Fun & entertainment

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